Keep calm and learn from Geostaff how to write that winning CV

keep calm

And before we knew it 2017 has arrived! You owe it to yourself to make the next 12 months count in every possible way, including the career front.

Why not revamp your CV? It is easy to get stuck in a rut using the same old CV format that you have relied on since the ice age. We buy new clothes, change our hair and appearance, so why not change the impression your CV makes on a prospective employer.  Who knows it might be the key to that elusive door opening, finally allowing you to summit the ladder of success

What is a CV?

A CV is the document that is presented to a future employer outlining your skills, abilities and experience.  It is the first point of contact that you have with them. It is therefore quintessential that you provide them with a clear picture of you.  So often we see candidates with great experience who are just not able to portray this on paper.  It can result in them losing out on life changing opportunities.  Simple things like layout, spell check, font consistency and font size are overlooked in the eagerness to send that CV off.

We are here to say relax, breathe and take your time when you put this document together.

How do you begin?

Here are the top areas that are overlooked when candidates prepare a CV:

  • Layout – A CV that does not offer consistent flow makes it difficult for the reader. Make sure it offers easy reading.
  • Use of spacing – Haphazard spacing within your CV make it difficult to comprehend the info on your document.
  • Font size and consistency – Here again consistency is key. Ensure font and font size remain the same throughout the entire document.
  • Timeline order – It is important to list the timeline correctly and to ensure that all dates are accounted for.
  • Listing of duties – Tricky as you need to strike a balance between important info and peripheral necessities
  • Spell check – Spelling errors are unforgiving yet it is something that is seen daily.  Check your document!
  • Contact details – Surprisingly this information is often omitted, how will a potential employer contact you?

We realised that there is a need to educate job seekers on how to compile a professionally written CV. Yes it is easy to pay someone to write it for you and this is an avenue you can explore as you grow in your career.  However for your own self development and education it is far better to equip yourself with the skills required to accomplish this.

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making” Stephen Richards

Geostaff offers training sessions on CV writing where we educate the attendees on the basic requirements to get this life changing document ship shape.  Why not contact either Zaheedah or Wilna to find out the logistics of our next training session.  Alternatively rally up some friends and we can arrange a session in your area.

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